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There are many benefits to working with plaster. A plastering contractor in Boston can help explain which options are best for your space.  This ancient material is becoming wildly popular as it can give new homes a vintage, or historical appeal. Wishing you could land that old home on the outskirts of Boston? No need, you can recreate that same feeling in your newly built house.

A well-plastered wall is a lovely addition to any home. For more subtle or understated touches, add a plastered molding through any room to make them more elegant and pronounced.

It is critical to get a plastering contractor to handle the job from start to finish. As one of history’s great skilled trades, a well-experienced plasterer can create stunning works of art. A do-it-yourself enthusiast will often end up with more mess than a home addition.  Boston Drywall Pros work with established walls, as well as new builds and can help homeowners with decorative installments. ​

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    Plastering Contractors Boston MA

    Plaster Repair Service Boston

    Many people try to take on plaster repair on their own. However, it’s best to call in a professional. Boston Drywall Pros work with diligence to matching the texture and style of your existing plaster. Although people try to say that plaster is difficult to repair, the problem is that it’s hard to find a quality plaster contractor that does repairs. Boston Drywall Pros has helped many homeowners to restore their plaster walls to their former glory.

    Call Boston Drywall Pros for any of your plaster repair needs. Right away you can have expert plaster contractors planning how to repair the plasterwork in your home. They offer repair on plaster walls, ceilings, and aesthetic additions to your home.

    As this skill requires years of training to develop, don’t attempt to take on plaster repair jobs yourself.

    Plaster Wall Repairs

    We manage plaster wall repair jobs from preparation to cleaning. When preparing for any job we work with the homeowners to identify the different types of damage in the plaster. Although plaster is a highly durable compound, it can degrade through the years. Many people turn to plaster repair for cracks or holes rather than dents. When working with cracks or holes, we always start with a smooth surface. Boston Drywall Pros only sends out the best plaster contractors for repair jobs.

    Removing loose bits of plaster, or areas that are flaking is a delicate procedure. Ideally, a contractor will only remove the damaged plaster and leave all undamaged plaster intact. It’s also critical from this stage to keep the environment clean. After scraping away, or using a cold chisel, the area should have the lath exposed.

    When mixing new plaster, the contractor will aim to create a mix that resembles the plaster that is already on the wall. Then applying the plaster mix over the damaged area, the contractor will work in thin layers. Only a professional plasterer will be able to blend the new plaster into the existing wall seamlessly.

    Ceiling Plaster Repair Services

    Plaster ceilings are exquisite, give a home a particular level of elegance, and are not usually prone to damage. But, when damage does happen, you notice a crack or chipping, it’s important to call a professional right away. When repairing small cracks in plaster, you will start by widening the crack and blowing out the plaster dust. Afterward, a contractor will use short strips of fiberglass mesh tape. This tape will help cover any grooves and help the new plaster mix blend with the existing ceiling. With a joint setting compound, the plaster contractor will work with small tools to feather the edges and create an invisible transition to the new plaster. Afterward, the contractor will set up the area so the ceiling can dry undisturbed.

    Drywall and Plastering Services, Boston MA

    Whether you’re looking to repair walls, put up new walls, or remodel existing walls you can choose between drywall or plaster. As Boston Drywall Pros has served the greater Boston area for years, they’ve worked with homeowners and property managers to work with new construction or go over existing walls. You can utilize repair services or new construction services for both drywall and plaster. So how can you choose which is right for you?

    Plaster is typically more expensive than drywall. But it comes with the benefits of being more durable, slower to spread fire, and provides some noise dispersion. It is also more difficult, or generally messier to install. A skilled hand should take on any plasterwork.

    When it comes to drywall, usually it goes up in sheets of boards that screw into position. Many builders prefer drywall because of how easy it is to install and manipulate. But it’s not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, and there is little chance for artistic presence. Drywall is usually cheaper to install and cheaper to repair. However, it’s also important to consider that the durability of plaster means that you may never need to make repairs.

    If you’re still not sure which drywall or plaster services are right for you, call Boston Drywall Pros today. You can speak with an expert contractor to identify what repairs you need, or if drywall or plaster is right for you.  Often drywall and plaster are also sometimes installed to compliment each other, plaster filling in spaces and details where drywall does not work for. Call us today for a free quote on our Blueboard and Plastering services.

    Boston Contractor for Drywall and Plaster

    Plastering is not a clean process. It takes pros to know how to work with the materials and handle the environment without losing control.

    Boston Drywall Pros take on the job from preparation to clean up. First, when it comes to preparing the room, the plastering contractor will run a clean water supply to the room. Establishing a water route will help keep the rest of your house clean. Especially in carpeted homes, it is critical to keep the entire home free from the plaster mess.

    The second step of prep includes removing any base boarding or skirting boards. The plasterers work with expert precision to level the plaster within an inch or two of the floor. Our skilled plaster contractors can work over old plasterwork, over drywall, and with new construction.

    After preparation, our contractors will take the next step depending on the current structure or whether it is new construction. When dealing with old plaster walls, we will prepare the wall by removing old or damaged plaster. Additionally, we can install over brickwork and masonry. Learn more about your options when it comes to plasterwork with Boston Drywall Pros. ​

    Your Expert Contractor for Plastering Services

    Are you looking for the best plastering company in Boston? Look no further than Boston Drywall Pros. Committed to excellence and craftsmanship, Boston Drywall Pros relies on their expert plastering contractors to handle these jobs which require extensive skill, patience and keen attention to detail.

    Boston drywall Pros offers a wide range of plastering services including the options of smooth, simple, or complex textures. Available to work for both new construction and in existing structures, you can work with plastering options for your home.

    For repairs and more delicate procedures with plaster, you need a pro. Don’t try to take on those projects yourself, instead get someone who can match the texture, color and original mixture for a seamless repair. ​

    When Is Plastering Necessary?

    When it comes to plastering or plastering, there are times when it is absolutely necessary. Plastering usually covers brickwork or masonry within building interiors. When people want to remove a dated or visually unappealing brick wall, they often choose plaster.

    Another instance of necessary plastering is when the existing plaster is no longer good. A simple test is to press the heel of your palm into the plaster. If the wall rebounds or feels spongy, the plaster needs to be redone.

    Finally, plastering is necessary when the drywall is in poor condition. Older homes would often have sheet drywall with thin layers of plastering over them to create a texture. Although this trend has come in and out through the decades, many homeowners still come across drywall with deteriorated plaster coverings.

    When stripping away wallpaper, or purchasing a new home, you may need to contact an expert plaster contractor. Call Boston Drywall Pros when you detect that your plaster is bad, the drywall beneath it needs repairs, or when there are interior brick walls that you want to cover. ​

    Benefits of Plastering

    From adding aesthetic appeal to strength, plastering has many benefits. It was once the more common option for wall finishing, and it’s making a comeback. It’s also the only reasonable option to pressed gypsum board or typical drywall.  Plaster, an ancient compound is great for style, and becoming a top choice for anyone remodeling their homes!

    Aesthetic Appeal

    Although plaster has many benefits, most people choose it for their homes and businesses because of its visual appeal. An immediate aesthetic improvement, the smooth drywall can make spaces feel empty and unwelcoming.  Plaster, however, gives many rooms a wow-factor, and at an affordable cost. Work with a contractor to create a wholesome, and historical feel into your home.

    Adding Style with Various Designs

    Plaster can take nearly any shape, and if you choose a skilled contractor, you have endless options. Boston Drywall Pros has a number of plaster experts on hand to make your dream interior a reality. Using various molds, you can create a theme, implement various colors and even manipulate how large or small space feels.

    Working with plaster, a contractor can use shade, and depth to turn any room into an artistic environment. Accentuate your taste, and use decorative plaster on your walls, ceilings, install cornices and more.

    Disperses Noise and Improved Durability

    One of the reasons that plaster was so popular in the 17th century was that it provided excellent sound control. Noise levels between rooms immediately decrease with the use of plaster rather than drywall. On top of dispersing noise naturally with the basics of acoustics, it is also inherently durable. Unlike drywall, plaster can withstand most day-to-day knocks or dents. You don’t need to spend time sanding out plaster to smooth it either. Because of the texture, and irregular shapes it also still looks fantastic even if it does take the occasional hit.

    Longer Life and Fire Deterrent

    Wish your walls could reduce the amount of time it takes a fire to spread? Boston Drywall Pros recommends plaster for many homes as it not only increases the visual appeal, but it’s also known for having a longer life and servings as a fire deterrent.

    Because the plaster doesn’t provide excessive space between wall layers the way that standard drywall down, there is less oxygen to feed the fire. Many homeowners who have experienced fire first hand in the past, are happy to choose plaster over drywall.

    The basic construction of plaster lends to a longer life. The plaster coating is a stronger finish than traditional drywall options. The chemical reaction is the reason behind this durable material. Boston Drywall Pros know how to mix the plaster and put the lath to use properly.

    For long-lasting plaster in place of traditional drywall, call Boston Drywall Pros today. You can work with a contractor to get outstanding results in your home. We help with remodeling, new construction and more.