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Our contractors are highly skilled and have the necessary experience needed to effectively install your drywall metal framing. The metal studs that we use enable us to produce the most durable interiors and exterior walls. At Boston Drywall Pros, we only use the best quality of materials to provide architectural integrity. As the preferred drywall contractors in Boston, we have received the training needed to offer our customers the best quality of professional services possible. With the amount of experience that we have, we can help with any of your drywall metal framing needs. Metal framing offers many advantages. It is durable, metal will not split or shrink. The weather does not affect metal studs so they last longer than wood studs. They won't lose shape, like some wooden studs. Metal studs are shaped perfectly. It is also more affordable in comparison to wood framing. Even though there are more things involved when using metal, the pieces last for longer, making it a better value than wood. Metal framing offers fireproof benefits. If there is a fire, there is no need to start the building process from scratch if metal stud framing was used. Metal framing is insect-resistant, and rot-resistant, making it a more desirable type of framing.

Metal Framing and Drywall Contractor Boston

Whenever you require drywall and framing services in Boston, MA then you can always rely on Boston Drywall Pros. We have assembled a team of the most qualified drywall contractors to care for the needs of our customers. Our team of experts has received the necessary training and has acquired the skills needed to effectively address our customer’s service needs. Regardless of the drywall and framing services that are needed or the extent of the job, we assure you that we can perform the work for you. Our contractors are vetted to ensure that they can carry out the job that has been requested of them. We must continue to offer our customers the best quality of drywall and framing services possible if we are to remain the preferred service provider. The only way to ensure that we can continue to do this is by hiring the most qualified, professional drywall and framing contractors in the Boston area. When you want value for your money than rely on Boston Drywall Pros for your framing needs. It doesn't matter the extent of your service needs; we assure you that we have the necessary expertise need to effectively perform the job for you. We proudly offer our customers our service guarantee.

What is Metal Stud Framing

Metal framing is the construction of walls using cold-formed steel parts. Metal stud framing consists of two components, stud, and track. We use a heavier gauge metal stud on load-bearing walls and for structural installation, such as exterior walls. Our contractors generally use a lighter gauge metal stud in non-load bearing installations, which include interior walls, partitions, and half-walls. Metal studs are offered in the same dimensions as wooden studs. They are typically mechanically fasted by screws. Since we generally use fixed clips, we have more options for bypass framing. Wherever there is seismic activity, deflection connectors can be used. We use stiffener plates to provide a stronger connection. When you contact us to discuss your project, we’ll discuss your service needs with you in detail. In most cases, we will use metal stud framing. If you prefer that we use wood stud framing then this is likely because you are don't know enough about metal stud framing. We'll take the time needed to explain the differences to you so that you can go on to make a well-informed decision about your framing needs.

Drywall Metal Framing Services Boston

Drywall framing is the skeleton of the interior wall. The job must be done correctly because it affects every other part of the building. When the studs are straight, it makes finishing the job faster with fewer defects. The light gauge metal framing that we use is done following UL rated systems for firewalls. In some cases, we may also use CMU blocks as partitions. After the frame has been successfully installed then the drywall and plaster can be installed. There are a variety of things that will affect the framing process, which our contractors will take into consideration whenever they are hired to work on a project that requires framing. You may not be aware of these considerations but you can be sure that our contractors are well aware of all that has to be considered before installing the frame. You get more bang for your buck with metal stud framing, which is often why many homeowners and businesses prefer it to wood stud framing

Commercial Metal Stud Framing Boston

Metal stud framing has been a standard for commercial construction since the 50s. Every method of application has its benefits. Metal stud framing offers aesthetic benefits and functionality benefits, which make it a popular choice. Since metal isn’t as pliable as wood, the metal-framed walls tend to be straighter with a solid surface, giving us a smoother finish. Commercial framing done with Metal studs is more cost-effective than wood. It doesn't warp and is not affected by water or termites. It is also environmentally friendly since no trees need to be cut down to produce them. At Boston Drywall Pros, we believe that metal stud framing is the future of commercial construction. This could be for several reasons, which includes the lack of quality wood and contractors are discovering the advantages of metal stud framing. These factors make us conclude that we’ll go on using metal stud framing on into the future. If you're not familiar with the differences in metal and wood stud framing then our associates are happy to discuss this with you further

Residential Drywall and Metal Framing Boston

Metal stud framing isn’t usually the first choice in home construction; however, it is frequently used in Boston. The reason we use metal framing is that it is resistant to high winds, termites, mold-resistant, and fire-resistant. We are finding it more challenging to find quality wood studs, and the metal stud is more readily available making it the most practical choice. Metal stud framing can indeed be more expensive if the contractor doesn't know how to properly install them. Our contractors receive the necessary training needed to ensure that they can properly install the metal studs. With consistency in symmetry of metal studs, and drywall installation can be completed faster and reduce the cost of labor. Even though drywall companies are familiar with wood stud installation, our contractors at Boston Drywall Pros are experienced with the installation of both wood and metal stud framing. Metal stud framing is used for remodels, additions, and new construction. There are no special materials needed to complete metal stud framing. The standard drywall sheets that are generally used in wood framing can also be used for metal framing a home. Consider hiring us for any of your new construction projects and we’ll offer you affordable pricing for your residential metal stud framing needs

Metal Stud Framing Contractors Boston MA

Our Boston drywall and framing contractors at Boston Drywall pros are the best that you’ll find in Boston. They have been hired to work with us based on their level of experience and qualifications. Through their training and the skills that they have acquired over the years, they have been very effective at satisfying the needs of our customers. Our framing contractors are the reason why our metal stud framing services are preferred. Due to their training and experience, our customers receive a good ROI. It doesn't matter the extent of our customer's service needs, due to our contractor's expertise, we can successfully meet the needs of everyone who relies on us. We are confident in what our contractors can do because they have gone through our vetting process to ensure that they can deliver the quality of service that they deserve. As the preferred and most widely used metal stud framing service in Boston, you are assured of receiving the best quality of service possible. We take our time to ensure that the job is done right and that you receive the most for your investment. Give us a call and let us show you why our metal stud framing services are preferred to the other service providers in the Boston area.

Light Gauge Metal Framing Service Boston

Light gauge framing is non-combustible, cost-effective, and is resistant to mold. It is no wonder it has become a more desirable method of framing. Additional reasons for using light gauge metal framing are because it is roll-formed into the precise shape that it needed, and the metal studs will not warp, or split. Light gauge metal framing has the highest strength-to-weight ratios of the building materials that are used today. It offers durability, is sustainable, and environmentally sound. It’s also difficult for pests, such as rodents and termites to chew through it, and it proves to be more fire-resistant than wood framing. It is 100% recyclable, offers great indoor air quality, and costs, which makes it a more desirable material for framing then wood. You can depend on our talented team of experienced contractors to help with your service needs, big or small. There are no other contractors more qualified to install your light gauge metal framing. Something led you to our website and now that you are here, we hope that you will conclude that you have found all that you want and need here at Boston Drywall Pros. Give us the chance to earn your business by contacting our associates about your building project. We offer a variety of useful services, including our light gauge metal framing service. Whether you need interior or exterior light gauge metal framing, you can receive them from our team of highly-skilled, and qualified Boston contractors. We have provided light gauge metal framing for a variety of local building projects, big and small. Our metal framing offers stability, strength, and superior durability for every structure that we construct. As a trusted construction service provider, we are dedicated to offering the most thorough and efficient metal framing services possible. We are held to a high standard of quality, which we are capable of meeting due to our relationship with the various manufacturers throughout the U.S. We listen to our customers and offer them the best quality of metal framing possible