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We are your Drywall and Plaster experts. Our Boston MA based drywall company is ready to serve all your drywall needs. Wether it's blueboard and plaster installation, drywall repair, drywall replacement, drywall installation, drywall texturing, or even wall insulation...we are here to help. 

Drywall & Plaster Services:

From repairs to brand new construction that needs drywall ceiling installation, call us today for a quote on your drywall ceiling project.

Sheetrock Installation

We install Sheetrock, which is one of the top US drywall brands used in construction across Boston. Call for a quote today on sheetrock installation.

Blue Board & Plaster

We also install high quality blue board with convenient plastering at an exceptional value! Call us today for your blue board installation. 

Why Choose Our Drywall & Plaster Contractors

Attention to detail, great quality of work, and competitive pricing! We guarantee you will be satisfied by the time we leave the job site.  

We are drywall experts in everything we do including: drywall removal, patching, prepping for the drywall, installing, taping, mudding, sanding, texturing, finishing, and ready to paint. ​​

We have been doing drywall in Boston and the Greater Boston area for over 15 years and have become experts at this craft. All of our hired contractors have been trained by the best. Licensed, certified and experienced with all types of drywall projects, we work hard to be one of the best drywall companies around. 

We believe that safety and satisfaction go hand in hand. We use all the necessary tools an proper equipment to make sure our contractors stay safe while guaranteeing your drywall job is done right. We will work together well with your general contractors, and developers. The secret to a successful home renovation project is not only in finding great drywall installers, but also finding contractors that will work hard to do the job right. 

Areas We Service:

We provide expert drywall and plastering contractor services for the city of Boston, as well as the following neighborhoods, cities and zip codes in the Greater Boston area including: 

CambridgeBrooklineSomerville, Newton, Waltham, Dorchester, South Boston, Back Bay, South End, North End, Chelsea, West Roxbury, Waltham, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, Wellesley, Quincy, Milton, Dedham, and many more.

Metal Stud Framing Boston

Drywall Contractors Boston knows that working with drywall is about both quality and time. As your top local experienced drywall contractors, and we offer a complete range of drywall services including installation and repair.

Installing drywall isn’t a simple job. There are a number of steps involved, and attention to detail is everything. With multiple products available, the best option often depends on the job at hand. We only use the best products for the current job and always ensure that you have the best possible result. Working within budget for drywall and plaster, and within a closely monitored timeline is important to the job.

If you’re looking for drywall contractors Boston, we’re the best company for the job. We work with each client to ensure that you receive the best service and result.

We only work with the best contractors available during drywall installation. We understand that homeowners and property developers expect the best and we deliver. From the drywall services, we offer we’ve gained a wealth of experiences and know-how that makes us the best option in Boston.

Call us to today for a free estimate for drywall installation today! ​

Plastering Contractors Boston

When homeowners are choosing to make repairs or full remodels in their home, they must choose between traditional drywall or plaster. It's deceiving though to say that drywall is traditional as the plaster has been around for much longer. There are a few factors to consider, visual appeal and longevity.

Boston Drywall Pros has a number of plaster services for anyone who is looking for an alternative to drywall. We can work with your budget, explore design options, and make your vision a reality.

Working with a skilled contractor can give you access to design choices and themes that doing any plasterwork on your own would not be available. Use plaster to improve your home, upgrade your businesses lobby, or instill more durability in any environment.

Boston Drywall Pros offers services throughout the greater Boston area to both homeowners and property managers. Call Boston Drywall Pros for expert plastering contractors to take on the repair, and installation services.

Sheetrock Contractors Boston​

There are many types of drywall, and we also use Sheetrock, which is one of the best brands of drywall used in construction across the US. At Boston Drywall Pros our contractors work with all types of drywall, whatever the need or preference may be.

The most common type is regular drywall, also known as white board. It is usually brown on one side and white on the other. This is very likely the most affordable type of drywall and comes in many different sizes. It typically comes in 4x8 foot panels.

We also work with a moisture-resistant type of drywall known as green board drywall. The green covering on this kind of drywall helps resist moisture better than the regular type of drywall, making it a little more expensive than the regular type. Please not that this type of drywall is not water-proof, simply moisture resistant.

Most drywall is covered in paper. There is, however, a type of drywall which we also work with that uses fiberglass in place of paper. This helps to shield the board inside from rot and is even more resistant to mildew and mold.

Type X drywall is a special one, due to its fire resistant qualities. It is made of unique noncombustible fibers and is a lot thicker than other types of drywall. It can also serve as soundproofing. These are a few of the many types of Sheetrock we work with. Whether it’s putting up a whole new line of drywall or just repairing a few damaged parts, we’re ready and well prepared to deal with it. We'd be happy to answer any and all of your questions about the products we use when installing or repairing your drywall.